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La Giralda, Guanaja, Bay Islands

Villa de Suenos

Two bedroom luxury beachfront with a large swimming pool, living room, kitchen, bar, pool and outdoor verandah.

Villa Estrella

A one bedroom super luxury villa with a living room, bar, kitchenette, breezeway, outdoor cliff top patios a swimming pool, a shade gazebo and with direct access to the beach.


Villas Caterina, Cartuja and Isabela

Two bedrooms with a living room and outdoor verandahs. These villas are also offered as a one bedroom suite with a living room.

Villa del Rey

Three bedrooms with three pools, outdoor decks, grand living/dining room and screened breezeway

The Almirante Suite

A one bedroom suite with a large living room, bar, outdoor deck and “mirador” with panoramic views.
La Giralda is a unique boutique hotel offering a luxury Caribbean lifestyle vacation with a variety of excursions, adventures and activities.

Our spacious villas are all on the islands only south facing beach with great views of the barrier reefs and offshore island cays. The Villas are comfortably furnished combining an island aesthetic with a luxurious modern Caribbean twist.

​The choices available are:

La Giralda Hotel